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Maintenance Budgeting

The maintenance budgeting solution supports the development, approval and monitoring of a zero based maintenance budget, based upon the implemented maintenance strategies of the SAP® ECC systems, such as maintenance task lists, maintenance items and maintenance plans. Moving beyond costs, the maintenance budgeting solution provides a wholistic view of all the resources required to execute the implemented maintenance strategies. An innovative calculation engine in the SAP® ECC system allows a maintenance budget planner to review maintenance activities before inclusion in the budget. Consolidation of budget proposals to site and group levels facilitates the development of a group wide budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I budget in multi-currencies?
    Yes - we provide flexibility to budget in both group and company currencies.
Can you support budget development across multiple sites?
    Yes - the solution allows budgets to be developed across sites independently
How are changes to maintenance data handled?
    The innovative delta-handling process allows re-costing of just changed maintenance data
Is Business Warehouse mandatory?
    SAP® Business Warehouse is mandatory for budget consolidation and reporting

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Partnering relationships allow us to bring to our customers the most appropriate resources for the task at hand.

In the field of Maintenance Budgeting, we are particularly pleased to partner with Logro Consulting, an SAP® Partner with particular expertise in SAP® BI. Logro Consulting has become recognised as a highly specialised and skilled SAP Business Intelligence consulting company.

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