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AssetCentric Solutions

Leveraging a unique combination of deep functional and technical understanding of SAP's Enterprise Asset Management Solution and underlying technologies, our solutions are positioned to help you solve your issues through the intelligent leveraging your SAP investment. Our solutions are customer proven and designed to ensure sustainable and beneficial outcomes.

Particularly in the area of Enterprise Asset Management, we understand how the software works. Our solutions reflect this deep understanding.

work management performance

The AssetCentric Work Management Performance module provides maintenance work management KPI reporting for your SAP® Enterprise Asset Management solution. Providing real-time KPI reporting in such areas as planning, scheduling and resource utilisation, with various deployment options, the solution is proven in some of the world's largest Enterprise Asset Management installations. 

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Maintenance Cost Budgeting

AssetCentric in conjunction with Logro Consulting has designed and implemented an innovative multi-dimensional Maintenance Resource Budgeting solution. Particularly focussing upon the challenges of budgeting in a multi-site, multi-responsibility, multi-currency environment, the solution allows budget planners to independently develop budgets for their areas of responsibility before consolidation. 

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permit and isolation

SAP® Work Clearance Management is an integral part of the SAP Enterprise Asset Management solution. The SAP® Work Clearance Management module supports the administration of permits and plant isolations, including tagging and lockout management. The solution supports many industry guidelines, such as the ESAA safe access principles and the UK HSE guidelines on PTW systems and is implemented at power generation sites around the world. 

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