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Work clearance management - Permit and isolation management

SAP® Work Clearance Management is an integral part of the SAP Enterprise Asset Management solution. The SAP® Work Clearance Management module supports the administration of permits and plant isolations, including tagging and lockout management. The solution supports many industry guidelines, such as the ESAA safe access principles and the UK HSE guidelines on PTW systems and is implemented at power generation sites around the world. Assetcentric has particular experience in permit and isolation processes in the power generation industries, both coal-fired and nuclear, within Australia and North America.

advisory services

Our advisory services are deeply knowledge based and are designed to equip you with the insight you need to make the right choices. Many of our customers face challenging decisions that have long term consequences. 

SAP® Work Clearance offers great flexibility and with that flexibility comes choice.
Did you know that:
- Work Clearance Management can manage many types of safety permits?
- Work Clearance Management supports different approval processes?
- Secure identification can be used to valid processing steps?

We can help you make the right choices to ensure that SAP® Work Clearance Management works appropriately for you.


Whilst the SAP® Work Clearance Management is functionally rich, it certainly does not fulfill every customer's requirements. Particularly where established safety rules and procedures exist, it is often expedient to change the software rather than the existing procedures. 

In the area of Work Clearance, we have designed and implemented solutions for

- shared tagging - where multiple isolations share the same isolation point and tag
- 4 eyes principle - processing validated by a second set of eyes
- electronic signatures - signing of key processing steps
- skill or qualification based processing
- security based user identification at key processing steps, such as permit receiving

We understand how the software works and are able to design enhancements and extensions to adapt the software to meet your business requirements.


Partnering relationships allow us to bring to our customers the most appropriate resources for the task at hand.

In the field of Work Clearance Management, we are particularly pleased to partner with WCM GmbH. As architects and authors of SAP's Work Clearance Management component WCM GmbH has thorough product know-how, complemented by more than 12 years of experience in consulting projects and training.

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