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work management performance

The AssetCentric Work Management Performance module provides maintenance work management KPI reporting for your SAP® Enterprise Asset Management solution. Providing real-time KPI reporting in such areas as planning, scheduling and resource utilisation, the solution is proven in some of the world's largest Enterprise Asset Management installations. With a variety of user interface and deployment possibilities, including SAPGUI, Internet or Enterprise Portal, the solution can be implemented to leverage your existing landscape.

Utilising a novel real-time design, the Work Management Performance module is always up to date. It can be used tactically to manage a schedule of work or strategically to improve work management performance.

frequently asked questions

Can we implement our own KPI definitions?
    Yes - we provide flexibility to implement your own definitions.
Can you support multiple sites in different time zones?
    Yes - we utilise timezones to ensure all times are relative to site
Can we use different scheduling periods?
    Yes - work groups can utilise different schedule periods.
Is Business Warehouse mandatory?
    The usage of Business Warehouse is optional

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Schedule Monitor

Reporting performance after the end of schedule is too late to allow tactical decision making during a schedule. The Work Management Performance Schedule Monitor provides real-time information to support tactical decision making during the schedule period. By providing schedulers and supervisors with the real-time status of the schedule, they can concentrate on those actions necessary to get the schedule done.

The Work Management Performance Schedule Monitor is not limited to just monitoring. The very same tool can also be used to prepare future schedules.

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